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Jorge's Story

Jorge Pilay is a strategic, driven, and focused executive with exceptional Sales, Business Development, and Operations capabilities, significant global and multicultural experience with a proven record of business startup, optimization, and growth. Known as a transformational leader who sets clear strategies that leverage business core capabilities and competencies, Jorge is driven by rigorous analytics and customer insights, delivering consistent and meaningful growth in revenue, profitability, and market share.


Over his 20+ years at Baker Hughes, Jorge had a range of Technical, Sales, Materials, Operations, Business Development, and P&L positions, with consistent promotions to roles of increased responsibility, with on-the-ground roles in the US, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Kuwait, and the UAE.

In Kuwait Jorge headed the startup of Artificial Lift operations, leading a transformation that took the business profitability from negative to upper two digits and beyond in a record time of two years, with exceptional HSE, quality, and service delivery, this resulted in added value to the customer, quantified at 250% of the contracted budget.


In Dubai, during a downturn, Jorge led the entire Artificial Lift business for the Eastern Hemisphere, with operations in 40+ countries, including Australia, Southeast Asia, China, Russia-Caspian, India, Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Continental Europe, and the North Sea. Under his direction, mature operations were optimized, low-margin contracts were renegotiated and partnerships with distributors were established in selected geographies, consolidating market leadership positions, and maintaining profitability during a recession at the same pre-crisis levels.


In the US, Jorge led Global Sales and Commercial Operations organizations, managing a customer portfolio of $1 Billion; he applied his worldwide experience to develop strategies for “Must Win” business opportunities, resulting in new contract awards beyond $450 Million. During this period Jorge boosted engagement with top customers through Global Business reviews; allowing him to identify and anticipate clients' requirements, expectations, and needs, he also drove the utilization of CRM, opportunities for reporting discipline and sales funnel, and increased technical sales competence by championing training to close the gaps.

In 2018 Jorge started a cross-product line tenure with the Pressure Pumping business where he developed a differentiating strategy for Production Enhancement international operations and successfully negotiated cooperation agreements with leading manufacturers of new technology. He also had a Materials Management role; where he significantly improved cash flow through strict resources management discipline and successfully reduced inventory by 20%.


Jorge’s experience also includes a short-term consultancy role with Halliburton Artificial Lift, where he supported their international business, assessing market and competitiveness, quantifying operational risks, and identifying optimization pathways driving operational execution excellence.


Jorge holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electromechanical Engineering from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University.


An avid coin collector since childhood; Jorge has been a member of numismatic clubs. In recent years he started a mask-collection complemented with souvenirs and curiosities from his multiple international trips.


Over the years Jorge has been actively coaching and mentoring young professionals, helping on the development of talent pools, including pro-bono participation in the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) eMentoring program.  Jorge lives in Houston – Texas with his family.

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