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Adam's  Story

Combine hardworking, dedicated, and easygoing, and you have Adam Mignogna. Serving as Vice President of Finance at TenEx, Adam takes on challenging responsibilities, such as overseeing and managing the financial side of the business as well as aiding in growth and management planning.  


Adam's impressive background allowed him to step into his current role when TenEx was just formed. With his help and insight, TenEx has grown significantly to a profitable organization.  

One of Adam's most valuable skills is his ability to take a complex problem and simplify it to enable his coworkers to see the big picture. This is not a simple process since these decisions affect all departments across TenEx, but Adam is proficient in seeing the forest instead of the trees. Here at TenEx we all think Adam has done an exceptional job. Everyone loves to hear Adam's insights, which if you are lucky, will come to you with a bit of humor sprinkled into his advice, as well.  


In addition to 4 years in the business, Adam is a loving husband and father to his 2 kids. In his off time, you can find him relaxing poolside with a good cigar and a bottle of nice wine. Ask him about woodworking and home renovations. It's his secret talent! 

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