NanoClear® is a water-based solution of nanoparticles that alters the wettability of the formation to increase oil production.
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How does NanoClear® work?

NanoClear® contains nanoparticles that are 3-10 nm in size.


Shown here under Scanning Electron Microscope are NanoClear®’s nanoparticles coating the inside of a core, which reflects the nanoparticles’ ability to alter wettability.


NanoClear® is also effective at removing organic build-up in producing wells, representing a long-lasting and less damaging treatment alternative to acid.

NanoClear® has a significant impact on improving oil recovery as demonstrated in core flood testing.
  • Residual oil saturation post NanoClear® treatment dropped by 21%.

  • Effective water permeability improved by 8% during flowback post NanoClear® treatment.

  • NanoClear® can effectively sweep pore spaces in the core mobilizing the oil, thereby resulting in higher oil recovery.

Wettability Alteration.jpg

Wettability alteration: contact angle & IFT


Contact angle testing has been completed on various cores. This image shows the contact angle between a water droplet and oil covered Eagle Ford Shale rock. The presence of NanoClear® reduces contact angle by 22%. In comparison testing, NanoClear® demonstrated a reduction of 16% in contact angle vs. traditional nanofluid.

Interfacial Tension (IFT) between Texas crude oil and different aqueous phases was measured. NanoClear® reduced IFT by 42%. In addition, NanoClear® had a 20% reduction in IFT compared to traditional nanofluid demonstrating NanoClear®’s higher performance.


Emulsification Testing

Tests were conducted to evaluate de-emulsification capability of NanoClear®. As shown here, NanoClear® provides a fast separation of oil and water with a more distinct interface and higher clarity.