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MicroHold® is an engineered aqueous slurry containing 60 wt% glass quality micro-silica delivered without any HSE issues. The median size of the particles is 20-25 microns, allowing it to access and prop microfrac networks.

How does MicroHOLD™ work?


MicroHold® is formulated to obtain a tailored particle size distribution (PSD) with a high crush resistance and ultra-low settling velocity. 


The microparticles in MicroHold® are selectively engineered to prop the microfractures that conventional proppants are unable to access. Up to 90% of the chemical and frac fluid can access the microfractures, but even 200 mesh proppant cannot access it.


MicroHold® is delivered to the well site in fluid tankers and injected via a c-pump or directly connected to the blender’s suction. It can be mixed on the fly with the pad fluid or pumped as a pill.

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Superior application and cost efficiency

MicroHold® helps operators execute completion jobs efficiently by offering:

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MicroHOLD® is precisely sized to shale microfractures.

Extensive networks of microfractures (1–100 μm) exist in most shales, mostly located in organic-rich zones. Up to 90% of the chemical and frac fluid can access the microfractures, but no proppant can — not even 200 mesh (74 μm).


Eliminating Screen-outs

Pump Time

Proppant Load

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