MicroHOLD™ is an engineered microparticle slurry precisely designed to penetrate and prop complex and extended shale microfracture networks where no proppant can access.

How does MicroHOLD™ work?


MicroHOLD™ is as an aqueous slurry containing ~50 wt% tailored microparticles made from glass-quality quartz. The microparticles are selectively engineered to prop microfractures — where no proppant can access, reduce treatment fluid leak-off, and scour fracture entry-points resulting in substantial production and operational benefits.

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MicroHOLD™ is precisely sized to shale microfractures.

Extensive networks of microfractures (1–100 μm) exist in most shales, mostly located in organic-rich zones. Up to 90% of the chemical and frac fluid can access the microfractures, but no proppant can — not even 200 mesh (74 μm).


MicroHOLD™ delivers superior crush strength

MicroHOLD™'s superior crush strength allows it to perform under extreme closure pressures. Third-party laboratory testing has shown MicroHOLD™ (with mean particle size of 625M) experienced extremely low crush at 15,000 psi.


Superior application and cost efficiency

MicroHOLD™ offers important operational and safety benefits, including:

  • Delivered as a slurry, so there are no dust or silica handling considerations

  • Delivered to the wellsite via standard fluid containers

  • Injected via standard chemical pumps

  • Can be mixed on-the-fly with the pad fluid at low concentrations


MicroHOLD™ is also significantly less expensive than alternative ceramic microproppants.