Frac Hit Mitigation Chemical Technology 
NoHIT™ is a patent-pending frac-hit mitigation technology.
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How does NoHIT™ work?


NoHIT™ is pumped with a normal preload treatment on the parent well and produces a slow in-situ gas generation reaction over 2–5 days.

NoHIT™ acts to temporarily pressurize the depleted rock around the parent and increase the associated rock stress.

NoHIT™ uses an atomized aluminum technology that creates a slow exergonic hydrogen gas-generating reaction with water when promoted with selective activators at reservoir conditions.

Parent well preload treatment with NoHIT™ protects the parent and encourages child fracs to move into undepleted high pressure intervals


Depleted rock pressure

Depleted rock pressure typical preload

Depleted rock pressure after typical preload + NoHIT™

NoHIT™ Effect on Parent Well’s Propped Frac Pack

NoHIT™ generates gas in-situ that energizes the depleted SRV of the parent well resulting in improved parent productivity. 

NoHIT™ Simple Application

  • NoHIT™ is delivered to wellsite via standard chemical containers.

  • Pumped with preload fluid, on-the-fly, at low injection rate

  • Typical treatment/parent well:

    • 3,000–7,000 gal

    • 2 – 5 days prior to hydraulically fracturing the child wells