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Eric's Story

Behind every company are reliable, dedicated team members and in our case, Eric Zane is one of the finest. Eric, who goes by Zane to most, is our newest Supply Chain Analyst and we happy to introduce him to you.  


Eric joined our team in March and has hit the ground running using his experience in logistics and supply chain, and his superb Excel skills to ensure TenEx’s products get to our customers. Eric knows that in the oilfield time equals money. His thoroughness and commitment not only keep our customers satisfied, but also makes certain that our products arrive in a timely manner. Many times, he has gone above and beyond for our customers to keep their wells on schedule!   


On a personal note, Eric served 4 years in the 82nd airborne division as an Airborne Infantryman, including a 12-month deployment to Iraq. In his spare time, Eric plays in a couple of basketball leagues a year and loves to hang out with his 9-year-old son. TenEx is proud to have Eric on our side and our team! 

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