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Miguel's Story

There are certain principles required for leading a team to greatness and Miguel Peña, the President and CEO of TenEx, embodies them all. At the helm of TenEx, Miguel is constantly focused on building a team that is accountable and driven by results. Leading by example, Miguel exemplifies mentorship, strong communication skills, integrity, confidence, determination, and perseverance. Miguel began his time at TenEx as the VP of Business Development. Given his vast experience and strong business acumen, having endured several trials and tribulations across 3 start-ups, he quickly rose to the top at Tenex. When it comes down to it, the most important factor is whether a leader is getting the job done and Miguel is delivering.    


Miguel’s perpetual optimism, motivational leadership, and competitive spirit has established a deep culture of winning at TenEx. Miguel is passionate about TenEx’s success and motivates the team by demonstrating his own vision and commitment to not only the success of the company but to the success of his employees. At the core of TenEx’s mission is Miguel’s inspiration and influence— an insatiable appetite to bring value to our customers and help them prosper with pioneering materials-based chemistries, it is no wonder that TenEx consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations across the board. Miguel is a proud alum and supporter of his alma mater, Widener University, where he earned 2 degrees including a B.S. and M.B.A., and currently serves on the Board of Trustees. His love of family, as a husband and father of four, is apparent in TenEx’s family-centric culture. In his spare time, you can find Miguel coaching or watching his kids play sports, cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, or playing paddle tennis with Team 1PTB. 

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