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You can’t complete new wells without hitting a parent well.
 Improve your preload package to protect the parent and improve the child.
If you’re like many operators, your experiencing well-density limitations and parent-child communication, resulting in damaged parent wells and less productive child wells.
You're not alone.
It's one of the industry’s primary challenges today. In fact, in the Permian, it's estimated that 60% of all new wells are child wells — in other words, most new wells are child wells.
Not Your Parent's Wells
Child and co-developed wells in the Permian's Delaware Basin are rising.
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Source: Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

We can help you solve your Frac Hit problems. 


Preloading your parent well with NoHIT™ and water protects your well far better than a simple water preload.  NoHIT™, which is simply pumped as an additive in your preload, acts to temporarily pressurize the depleted rock around the parent and increase the associated rock stress.  With NoHIT™, your child well accesses new reservoir, and your parent well retains its integrity.


And, NoHIT™ is compatible with NanoClear®. Pumping both into your preload allows you to protect the parent and improve its decline curve once brought back online.

Parent well preload treatment with NoHIT™ protects the parent and encourages child fracs to move into undepleted high-pressure intervals.
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