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Greener, Cost-effective Proprietary Blends to Eliminate Paraffin Issues
CeraFLO™ is a suite of water-based solutions to treat organic deposits in formation, wellbore, pipelines, transfer lines, well metallurgies, downhole equipment, and difficult-to-reach locations. 

CeraFLO™  proprietary blends are engineered to effectively remove organic deposits and prevents the crystallization of paraffin.  ​

CeraFLO™ blends are cost-effective, easy-to-use, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic, and they can be tailored for a wide range of operational conditions.​

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Solid Organic Deposits from Multiple Oilfields

CeraFLO™ works by disjoining, dispersing, and emulsifying the organic deposits inside the formation, wells, and/or pipelines. These proprietary blends are also designed to change the paraffin structure to prevent it from recrystallization.​


CeraFLO™ can be used as an additive to hot water treatments and circulated for a short period of time to remove the deposits. ​

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Reduced to Liquids Using

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CeraFLO™ can also be continuously injected at a very low dosage to lower the cloud point and mitigate paraffin buildups.​

CeraFLO™ (CF-20) can be applied as a direct additive to acid in a one-shot treatment to remove both organic and inorganic scales. ​

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