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Introducing NanoClear® FD 
an oil well stimulation chemical designed to remove and inhibit formation damage.

Tests carried out in our full scale oil and gas laboratory, which includes core flood simulations of an oil reservoir, demonstrated that NanoClear® FD removed deposition damage, improved permeability, and altered wettability from oil wet to water wet—all critical factors in optimizing oil recovery for our customers.  

Removal of formation damage materials

  • Natural materials: Paraffin, Asphaltene


Long-term prevention of deposition materials

  • Alters wettability (oil wet to water wet)

  • Improves permeability over baseline performance by providing a long-lasting wetting resistance to heavy hydrocarbon


Enhances Oil Recovery

  • Enhances oil recovery via wettability alteration

  • Reduces water production

Application in the Field

Focusing on reducing the cost per barrel, TenEx offers a comprehensive treatment package ensuring the following advantages:

  • No capital investment

  • Minimal treatment cost  

  • Simple cyclic treatment via “Huff ‘n Puff” 

  • Environmentally-friendly materials and fluids

  • Seamlessly fit into standard oilfield processes

  • Tested in the lab under a physical reservoir simulator to reduce operational uncertainties

  • Easily & quickly tailored for any reservoir (onshore & offshore)

For more information

For more information

Click here to download a product information sheet or please contact us for more details.

For more information about NanoClear, Contact Us.

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