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Improve operational efficiency 

 MicroHold® is an engineered aqueous slurry containing 60 wt% glass quality micro-silica delivered without any HSE issues. The median size of the particles is 20-25 microns, allowing it to access and prop microfrac networks. Learn More

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Sand Control

SandBond™ produces an in-situ metallic via a bonding oxidization reaction promoting grain-to-grain sand bonding in the near-wellbore zone. 

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Increase oil recovery, revitalize wells

NanoClear® is a water-based solution of nanoparticles that alters the wettability of the formation to increase oil production. Learn More

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Stop Frac Hits  

NoHIT® is a patent-pending frac-hit mitigation technology via in-situ gradual and controlled pressuring of depleted rock intervals around parent well. Learn More

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Our Customers:

TenEx Technologies develops specialty chemicals that reduce your cost per barrel.

More Oil Production 
Proven in the field. 

 TenEx is focused on generating the lowest cost per barrel of oil using game-changing, high-performance materials. 

Learn about the advantages of TenEx Technology's innovative products with these in-the-field case studies of improved well production. 

When adding TenEx solutions to wells, we’ve seen conclusive results of higher production, more wettability, and longer-lasting improvement.

We invite you to take a look at our results and see for yourself how nanotechnology products can help you pump more oil.

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