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Abdulaziz's Story

Abdulaziz, known as Aziz, is a highly dedicated and experienced petroleum engineer with a PhD. Throughout his academic and professional journey, he has consistently focused on delivering high-quality work and has gained expertise in both conventional and unconventional reservoir engineering through various projects that involved laboratory work and simulations. He has published several research papers in his field and has worked for a university research center, as well as a chemical company, giving him a broad range of experience in the industry.


In addition to his professional achievements, Aziz is a well-traveled individual with a love for exploring new places. He has visited several countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as over 20 states in the US, visiting natural places along the way. He has lived in four different states in the US and has had the opportunity to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, further enriching his experience and understanding of the world. Aziz is an avid reader, writer, movie enthusiast, and basketball fan, with a love for the NBA. TenEx is thrilled to have him on the team!

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