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Clayton's Story

Clayton or “clay” as some people call him is a restless chemist with extensive experience in the field. He is always searching for ways to improve the lab and procedures, and his valuable skill at TenEx is his ability to replicate processes quickly and efficiently, freeing up time to focus on advancements.

In his free time, Clayton enjoys staying active by running and playing video games, as well as engaging in more creative pursuits such as reading, playing piano, and volunteering for the Civil Air Patrol organization.


Clayton takes pride in his educational achievements, including graduating college with a thorough knowledge of various instruments used in chemistry and engineering. He also has a passion for personal growth and sees his greatest personal accomplishment as a tie between mastering "Phantom of the Opera" on piano and achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol. TenEx is thrilled have to Clayton on our team!

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