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Dhiraj's Story

Dhiraj Gunda, or “DJ”, is TenEx’s own Supply Chain Manager, although he always hasn’t been. Dhiraj graduated from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology with a Masters in Petroleum Engineering along with a Masters in Chemistry and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. When first joining our team in 2018, Dhiraj started on the R&D team where he dedicated two years and made an immediate impact. As the Supply Chain Manager, his R&D background brings huge value to our bulk manufacturing operations to ensure quality control and focuses on driving operational efficiencies. 


Over the last three years at TenEx, DJ has been able to integrate his cross-functional, diverse, and multifaceted background to create a professional sweet spot for himself at Tenex and in the oil and gas industry. His reliability not only shows in his professional life, but he prides himself on remaining deeply connected to his family irrespective of where he is in life. DJ is about to enter a new chapter in life with an upcoming marriage and loves to play tennis, golf, and Xbox in his free time. We are thrilled to have DJ and his hard-working ethics drive our supply chain- his integrity is one of the backbones here at TenEx. 

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