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Erica's Story

Meet Erica Gaffney, our Vice President of Human Resources. Erica isn’t just a one-woman HR department, but also a Jack of All Trades for the company. She is a keystone employee and has played an intricate part in the building of TenEx by taking roles in legal & compliance, supply chain, finance, and operations departments at various points. Erica embraces TenEx's mission but knows that she can't fulfill it alone. The support Erica gives equips employees and inspires people to move the mission forward and is proud to be a small part of the success at TenEx. She also enjoys sponsoring impromptu employee lunches and happy hours. 


Professionally, she is most proud of successfully switching careers from archaeology to executive management. In 2017, she earned her PMP certificate. Her adaptability not only shows in her professional career, but also her personal one. She has a strong intuition and can usually sense changing conditions before others.      


Erica is a wife and proud mother of three.  She is also a keeper of several pets, including dogs, chickens, fish, rabbits, and other small creatures. She spends her spare time horseback riding, traveling, skiing, and running insanely long distances during ultramarathons. 

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