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You need to improve your return on capital by decreasing your cost per barrel for new completions.
Drill four wells instead of five and get the same total BOPD.
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You are under pressure to improve return on capital. But you’ve done all you can mechanically — longer horizontals, more sand, well bore changes — and don’t know where to turn.
The answer is chemistry. 
With TenEx solutions, you can drill fewer wells without reducing your overall BOPD.
If your wells performed like the NanoClear® case study illustrated below, four wells would do the job of five, saving you $6–8M. Plus, your well density is lower, reducing the threat of frac hits.
NanoClear® is also compatible with MicroHOLD™, our 625m slurried silica microproppant designed to penetrate and prop your well’s microfracs. Consider replacing some or all of your 100m sand with MicroHOLD™ to increase EUR.
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For more information on how TenEx can help you improve your capital return, Contact Us.
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