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Jacquie's Story

Jacqueline McHugh, also known as Jacquie, is a highly skilled accountant with a passion for organization. She has been providing valuable services to TenEx for the past year, including invoicing, forecasting, support management, and employee oversight. Jacquie is a dedicated and detail-oriented professional who ensures that TenEx's finances are always in order.


In her free time, Jacquie enjoys cooking, reading, playing games, and working on projects with her two kids. She is a devoted mother and her family is her greatest personal accomplishment.


Professionally, Jacquie takes pride in finding great companies with amazing people and utilizing her skills and positive outlook to make improvements for the company and individual colleagues whenever possible.  Overall, Jacquie is a hardworking, organized, and compassionate individual who is committed to providing exceptional service and making a positive impact in both her professional and personal life.

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