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Kate's Story

Occasionally an intern comes along and does such a phenomenal job that you realize the company is truly better with them, and therefore you just have to make them an employee! Kate began as an intern at TenEx and is now our Marketing Manager. Kate is not only enthusiastic and sociable, but she is also ambitious and effective with her work.  


 Kate learned her impressive knowledge of digital media and marketing from Xavier University, one of the best business schools in the Midwest. During her internship, she presented herself as a reliable, hardworking, and dedicated professional. Kate is organized and determined with whatever project she takes on. Kate also has the ability to successfully communicate with others. Her personable nature helps her work well and connect with co-workers and clients on a more authentic level. During her time at TenEx, she has already made an immense impact on our social media presence. In addition, she has helped TenEx sponsor various events, attended a conference, and has supported our sales reps with all their marketing needs. She is truly a one-woman force.  


On top of being a social media wiz, Kate is all style. In her spare time, Kate has a great passion for fashion and tailoring personal outfits for her friends and family. TenEx is thrilled to have Kate aboard and knows that this is just the beginning of an amazing career ahead of her! 

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