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Suman's Story

Suman is TenEx’s newest R&D Scientist. Suman is a self-starter and hard-working individual with a drive to deliver results in TenEx's innovation lab. He is always looking for ways to improve and enhance his skills and knowledge, making him a valuable asset to the TenEx team. Suman's greatest professional accomplishment to date is being appointed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant under the Department Chair for Petroleum Production Methods. Suman's dedication has helped him excel in the demanding environment of academia and we have no doubt he will put his exceptional skills to work for TenEx. 


On a personal level, he enjoys playing soccer, watching his favorite team Manchester United and listening to pop music. As Suman takes his initial steps toward establishing himself as an R&D professional, he takes pride in his accomplishments. He eagerly anticipates further growth and development in his role at TenEx, knowing that his contributions will aid the company's ongoing success.

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